Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis

In Forensic Engineering, the process of Failure analysis is performed by collecting documents and/or examining failed components, materials, products, and other various types of evidence to determine the cause or causes of the failure of a destructive event. Leading the way in the fields of Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis, Bison Engineering is equipped with experts with years of expert knowledge and technology utilizing a wide variety of methods to expose the root cause of failures. Products and components can fail due to a manufacturing process, or after a product has been delivered, installed and is in service. Any of these events or a combination can cause a possibly destructive event. In any case, when a failure occurs, Bison’s engineers will thoroughly investigate the incident and determine the actual cause of the failure. We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our engineering team and the ability to provide accurate reports with the answers needed.

Why Use Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis?

Companies benefit from the use of Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis when an incident has occurred that has destroyed various components of their machinery, structures, or caused injury to someone.

When a serious incident occurs, resulting in the destruction of property, bodily injury, or even death- the financial outcome can be catastrophic. Insurance claims or litigation commonly result, yet the cause and responsibility can be unclear, or disputed. Before responsibility and liability can be established, qualified experts in forensic engineering and failure analysis must first determine the primary cause of the incident and, then, identify other contributing factors. Legal, insurance, and utility professionals, who require a high degree of excellence and integrity turn to the forensic engineers at Bison Engineering to scientifically conduct an evaluation and failure analysis to determine the cause or origin of the destructive event. Bison Engineering works to provide quality solutions and answers to help assess the current situation.  Our Forensic Engineers perform thorough forensic investigations and failure analyses to determine the following:

  • The root of the problem– What happened that caused this failure?
  • Was the incident caused by human error?- Determining the responsible party can help your company should legal matters be a factor associated with your incident.

Types of Forensic Investigations and Incident Investigations

Our engineers are prepared to assess your incident and provide tangible data to your company. Bison Engineering’s forensic engineers provide failure analysis services in the following areas:

  • Natural Gas Incident Investigation- Our engineers are specialized in the investigation of all types of natural gas incidents. We have experience in the investigation of residential fires and explosions, distribution pipeline failures and incidents, soil gas migration from such failures, meter stations, processing plants, compressor stations, transmission pipelines, and gas gathering pipelines and other facilities. Our engineers have considerable experience in the evaluation of technical issues, codes and standards, and the fire investigation of these incidents.
  • Propane & LP Gas Incident Investigation- Bison has over 30 years of experience investigating residential, commercial and industrial incidents involving LP gas.  We have conducted fire investigations of over 1000 LP gas incidents. The issues include codes and standards of residential gas systems, the delivery of gas, and the operation and maintenance of such gas systems.
  • Carbon Monoxide Specialized Testing- Our engineers are specialized in the unique and comprehensive testing of carbon monoxide incidents. Our capabilities include testing equipment and atmospheres to evaluate CO incidents. 
  • Soil Gas Migration Testing- Bison Engineering has investigated and analyzed numerous incidents involving soil gas migration from pipeline failures. We have published and presented our findings to numerous venues and publications. 
  • Structural/Construction Defects- From water intrusion and piping failures to resolution of a construction dispute, clear, concise, and objective information is needed. Years of experience have prepared us to investigate and analyze complex construction problems. 
  • Equipment Failure Analysis- User error, defects from the manufacturer, design flaws, equipment failures can stem from a myriad of sources. Bison can evaluate these failures, perform non-destructive testing on the equipment and provide greater insight into their cause of failure. 
  • Expert Witness Testimony- Bison Engineering’s experts are prepared to assist in the technical side of legal matters so that you can spend less time focusing on the science behind accidents and more time guiding your company through difficult waters. 
  • Fire and Explosion Investigation- With each forensic investigation, we work to determine the cause of a fire or explosion. 
  • Metallurgical Failure Analysis- Take a closer look at your forensic investigation with Bison’s many processes to view metallurgy at a detailed level such as microscopy and spectroscopy. 

When you need to determine the “why” of a failure, who caused it to fail, what factors surrounding the incident affected the failure, Bison Engineering is the name you can count on to get the job done.