Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis

Q. What are Failure Analysis Services and Forensic Engineering?

A. In Forensic Engineering, Failure analysis is the process of collecting and examining failed components, materials, products, and other evidence to determine the cause or causes of the failure of a destructive event. Bison Engineering’s Forensic Engineers utilize a wide variety of methods to expose the root causes of failures, including microscopy and spectroscopy. Bison begins an inspection using these methods because the testing methods are non-destructive and have no detrimental effect on the failed products. Products and components can fail during the manufacturing process, during production or after a product has been delivered and is in service – possibly causing a destructive event. In any case, when a failure occurs, Bison’s engineers must thoroughly investigate the incident and determine the actual cause of the failure.

Q. Who Uses Failure Analysis Services and Forensic Engineering?

A. When a serious incident occurs—resulting in the destruction of property, bodily injury or even death- the financial outcome can be catastrophic. Insurance claims or litigation commonly result, yet the cause and responsibility can be unclear, or disputed. Before responsibility and liability can be established, qualified experts in failure analysis and accident reconstruction must determine the primary cause of the incident and identify other contributing physical factors. Legal, insurance, and utility professionals, who require a high degree of excellence and integrity, turn to the forensic engineers at Bison Engineering to scientifically conduct an evaluation and failure analysis to determine the cause or origin of the destructive event.

Q. Do I Need A Forensic Engineer For Technical Analysis and Information For a Case?

A. If you need technical analysis and information for a case involving mechanical failure, fire, propane or natural gas explosion, vehicular collision, personal injury, product failure, design flaw, material failure, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical system failure, lightning or any number of other industrial or domestic incidents, a qualified failure analysis expert from Bison Engineering, Inc. can serve your need for thoroughly researched, straightforward, and unimpeachable answers for the technical issues of the case. Our failure analysis experts provide scientific failure analysis, engineering consultation, forensic investigation, accident reconstruction, specialized testing, second opinion, technical reports, and courtroom presentations and serve as expert witnesses in legal cases.

Know More About Forensic Engineering

Bison Engineering’s clients can be assured that nothing less than state-of-the-art technology will be used in their failure analysis assignments. Their engineering staff’s educational diversity, training, and seasoned judgment enable them to better determine the facts. Bison’s findings are as accurate as today’s science can determine, and are compiled and documented in a manner that will withstand the closest scrutiny. They provide their clients with scientific information that can help them make intelligent decisions regarding issues that may involve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Call Bison Engineering for the finest failure analysis services available.

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Areas of Expertise

Bison’s forensic engineers provide failure analysis services in the following areas:

• Natural Gas Incident Investigation
• Fire and Explosion Investigation
• Electrical Failure Analysis
• Electrocutions
• Mechanical Failure Analysis
• Equipment Failure Analysis
• Propane & LP Gas Incident Investigations
• Metallurgical Failure Analysis
• Specialized Testing
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Oilfield Equipment Failure Analysis
• Industrial Accidents