Electrical Fires and Failures

Electrical experts from Bison Engineering bring more than twenty years’ experience to investigate all types of electrical incidents.  Bison’s electrical engineers are experts in investigating residential and industrial electrical fires, electrical equipment failures, electrical-related explosions, along with various other accidents or situations. Each year, electrical fires, electrical failures, and other electrical incidents are the source of hundreds of fatalities, or injury to thousands of people and result in billions of dollars in property damage.

Such incidents may include electrical appliance fires, electrocutions, electrical-related equipment failures, industrial explosions or other catastrophic events that occur without warning. Each case is unique in its circumstances and must be investigated thoroughly by qualified electrical experts. This helps to prevent future tragedies and assists in court-related proceedings or insurance issues.

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Comprehensive Experience in Electrical Fires

Bison’s electrical engineers find that electrical fires, failures and other incidents can often be traced to problems with items such as control circuits and related devices; malfunctioning circuit boards or safety switches; timers, controllers, sensors, actuators, or other components. Whether the event is a small house fire or a large plant explosion, Bison Engineering’s electrical engineers approach each case with the same commitment to excellence through objectivity and discovery.

During the initial survey at the electrical incident site, Bison electrical engineering experts evaluate the electrical systems, electric service entrance points and breaker boxes. They look for burn patterns, explosion patterns, evidence of arcing or beading and other signs of electrical failure. If a structure has burned to the ground, they sift through the ashes for traces of hot spots or other areas of further interest, no detail is too small for their consideration.

Electrical Failure Expert, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are often the result of some degree of an electrical failure. When such electrical fire occurs, successful resolution depends upon investigations, evaluations, and analyses by scientifically trained electrical engineers experienced in electrical failures resulting in fire ignition.

Bison’s knowledge and experience enable the firm to quickly and accurately determine the origin and cause of failures in consumer products. Unfortunately, these investigations occur only after the result of an electrically related residential or commercial building fire. A partial listing of such electrical incident investigations includes:

  • Consumer products
  • Appliance failures
  • Residential dwelling wiring
  • Residential electrical service equipment
  • Commercial electrical service wiring and equipment
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Production process controls and machinery
  • Instrumentation and signal processing systems
  • Electrical failures
  • Electrical contacts
  • Electrocutions
  • Lightning damage
  • Electrical fires
  • Electrical failures

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The Uncertainty of Electrical Fires and Electrical Injuries

The expertise to understand an electrical related injury as the result of electrical fires, arc-flash, electrical contact or electrocution is critical to determining the real cause of the incident.

The mechanisms for electrical trauma are distinct as is the damage that they cause.

Arc-Flash is the heat and light energy emitted during an electrical fault or arc. The arc is due to a breakdown in the insulation covering between two energized components or between an energized component and ground.

Electrical Contact is an involuntary but nonfatal flow of electrical current through the human body. The severity of the injury is based on the location of the contact on the body as well as the duration and characteristics of the electrical source (voltage, frequency, and available current).

Electrocution is death resulting from the flow of electrical current through the human body.

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