Carbon Monoxide Data Acquisition Testing System

A prime example of a proprietary Bison-designed testing system is CO-DAQ (Carbon Monoxide Data Acquisition) used to investigate CO carbon monoxide incidents and carbon monoxide poisonings. While independent data logging systems fail to provide a reliable time-based comparison between locations, CO-DAQ provides real-time, multiple locations high concentration sampling simultaneously, with a comparative history between locations. CO production dynamic response is identified through the use of sensors that record variables such as temperature (flue, ambient inside and outside), efficiency, oxygen, and CO2 concentration, associated with combustion gas production. Each sensor recording is sampled at a predetermined frequency and initiated at a true start time to allow accurate documentation of flue stack conditions and temperatures, to evaluate production rates.

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Based on a notebook computer with proprietary state-of-the-art Data Acquisition hardware and software programmed specifically for the carbon monoxide monitoring application, the CO-DAQ’s complete portability allows on-location testing under many of the original variables.  This equipment is portable and can be set up quickly to record critically important data immediately after an incident.  Attorneys and claims representatives find this capability very useful.  Feel free to visit or contact us today.