Forensic Computer Graphics & 3D Animation

Computer graphics and 3D animation are invaluable in pretrial hearings and courtroom presentations. The testimony of an engineer or reconstructionist is scientific in nature and frequently complex. For the layperson such as a juror to clearly understand evidence, facts, and opinions, the information must be presented in a well organized and straightforward manner.

Informative computer graphics provide the visual link necessary for a jury to understand the technical testimony and make an informed decision.

Bison Engineering’s graphics and video services strengthen and enhance the testimony of the expert witnesses.

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3D Animation Computer Graphics Provide Visual Understanding of:

  • Complex Plant Piping and Processes
  • Real time display of test data
  • Graphical Analysis of Failures
  • Site Plans
  • Equipment Cross-sections
  • Auto Accident Scenes
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Technical illustrations
  • Video Production and Animation
  • Internal Workings of Complex Machinery

Display of Digital Computer Acquired Test Data

Displaying computer acquired data in this form condenses the large volume of raw data into a simplified form.  This allows the engineering experts to analyze the data and determine the failure leading to the incident.  This is also extremely beneficial to the jury for quick comprehension during the trial.

The image shown is a single frame from a 3D animation that condenses over one hour of carbon monoxide gas test data, comprised of over 37,000 data readings. Contact us today to get started.