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Fire Origin and Cause Analysis by Certified Fire Investigators

fire investigationEach Fire Investigation or Explosion Analysis need can range from large, catastrophic industrial incidents to residential, commercial, or vehicular fires.

Acquiring the services of a qualified fire investigator can be deceptively challenging. On the surface, it appears logical that Certified Fire Investigators (CFIs), that achieve certification only after years of training, experience, and substantial trial experience, should suffice, but it is not always quite that simple.

Fire Origin and Cause Analysis

electrical fireAccurately analyzing fires and/or explosions require the interrelated disciplines of both fire dynamics and engineering.

For example, electrical components are often indiscriminately identified as the cause of a fire. When that occurs, the perceived reality demands verification, and verification may require engineering expertise to bring the perception into factual reality.

In short, when a fire and/or explosion must be forensically investigated, licensed professional engineers and a Certified Fire Inspector (CFI) with extensive training and experience in the field and in the courtroom must collaborate to accurately determine the cause of the fire and/or explosion.

fire cause and origin investigationBison’s CFI and licensed professional engineers are available for complex explosion investigations. These capabilities, plus the company’s data acquired through prior testing of various gaseous and liquid propensities, such as soil gas migration, permeability, and dilution, allow it to perform investigations and analyses with substantial – and vital – comparative insight.

The company’s fire investigations and explosion analysis have helped resolve fire and explosion incidents nationwide for chemical and petrochemical plants, as well as residential, commercial, and other industrial facilities. Incidents have ranged from civil analysis of the deflagration/detonation of an entire processing system to the simple release of gaseous vapors and the subsequent burn pattern.

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